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Playtest Questionnaire

What to ask when playtesting at a convention? A question I am getting often is about what kind of questions you should add to playtesting questionnaires presented at conventions or events. So I decided to make a list!

Player Information:

  1. Age of player: _______

Game Genre Ranking: Please rank the following game genres from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most preferred and 10 being the least preferred.

  • Strategy games

  • Role-playing games

  • War games

  • Card games

  • Party games

  • Dexterity games

Ratings for the Game:

  1. How clear are the rules of the game? (1 to 10)

  2. Do the rules cover all eventualities? (e.g., Yes, No, Partially)


  1. How streamlined is the game? (1 to 10)

  2. Are there any unnecessary fiddly elements? (e.g., Yes, No)


  1. Is the game fair for all players? (e.g., Yes, No, Somewhat)

  2. Is the game too luck-oriented? (e.g., Yes, No, Balanced)


  1. Is the game too long? (e.g., Yes, No, Just right)

  2. Were you still engaged at the end? (e.g., Yes, No, Mostly)


  1. Do the mechanics work well together? (e.g., Yes, No, Not sure)

  2. Does the theme match the mechanics? (e.g., Yes, No, It’s a stretch)


  1. Were you engaged by the theme? (e.g., Yes, No, Not my cup of tea)

  2. Does the theme match the mechanics? (e.g., Yes, No, Somewhat)


  1. Was the game fun to play? (e.g., Yes, No, Absolutely!)

  2. Is this a game that you would play again? (e.g., Yes, No, Maybe, Need to try more)


  1. How clear is the gameplay? (1 to 10)

  2. How clear is the graphics and board design? (1 to 10)

Open Field for Further Notes: Please provide any additional feedback, suggestions, or comments about the game.

Price Evaluation: How much would you pay for this game in a shop? _______ (Specify currency)

To create a comprehensive playtest questionnaire, you can consider adding the following additional questions:

  1. Learning Curve:

    • How easy was it to learn the game? (e.g., Very easy, Easy, Moderate, Difficult)

    • Were the game’s mechanics explained effectively in the rulebook/tutorial? (e.g., Yes, No, Partially)

  1. Player Interaction:

    • How much interaction was there among players during the game? (e.g., High, Moderate, Low)

    • Did the player interaction enhance or hinder your enjoyment of the game? (e.g., Enhanced, Neutral, Hindered)

  1. Replayability:

    • Do you think the game has good replayability? (e.g., Yes, No, Not sure)

    • Are there enough variations in strategies or outcomes to keep you interested in playing again? (e.g., Yes, No, Somewhat)

  1. Components and Quality:

    • How would you rate the quality of the game components (e.g., cards, tokens, board, etc.)? (1 to 10)

    • Were the components visually appealing and well-designed? (e.g., Yes, No, Average)

  1. Player Count:

    • How many players do you think the game is best suited for? (e.g., 2, 3, 4, 4+, Variable)

    • Did the game feel balanced at the player count you played? (e.g., Yes, No, Somewhat)

  1. Interaction with the Theme:

    • How well did the game’s theme immerse you in the gameplay? (e.g., Very well, Moderately, Not at all)

    • Were there any elements of the theme that felt disconnected from the gameplay? (e.g., Yes, No, Not sure)

  1. Game Variability:

    • Does the game offer variability through different scenarios, setups, or expansion content? (e.g., Yes, No, Limited)

  1. Player Engagement:

    • Were you engaged and interested in the game throughout its duration? (e.g., Yes, No, Somewhat)

    • Were there any points during the game where you felt disengaged or bored? (e.g., Yes, No, Not sure)

  1. Comparison to Similar Games:

    • How does this game compare to similar games you’ve played in the genre? (e.g., Better, Similar, Worse)

  1. Overall Satisfaction:

    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you with the overall gameplay experience?

    • Would you recommend this game to others? (e.g., Yes, No, Depends on preferences)

Remember that the length and complexity of the questionnaire should match the depth of feedback you are seeking. You can also include open-ended questions for players to share any other thoughts or suggestions about the game.


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